John Deere's 950K Crawler Dozer: A Powerhouse of Precision

John Deere's 950K Crawler Dozer: A Powerhouse of Precision


John Deere’s 950K Crawler Dozer is a powerhouse of a machine, offering customers the versatility they need to accomplish a wide variety of large-scale projects. From mass-excavation and road building to fine grading and site development, this dozer boasts the massive size needed to accomplish heavy duty tasks without sacrificing precision. This guarantees that every project is started and finished to a standard of excellence.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the 950K is backed by John Deere’s dealer network of parts and service support. Warrior Tractor is recognized by John Deere as one of the best parts departments in the country, providing the efficient on-site service our customers require to keep their machines up and running. This dozer is no exception.


Promising more power, productivity and uptime than ever before, according to John Deere, “the 950K incorporates an EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage IV John Deere 9.0L engine with 265 horsepower. Contractors will quickly realize that the efficiently designed hydrostatic powertrain will get approximately 15 percent more power to the ground versus a conventional torque-converter powertrain. Available in standard and low ground pressure (LGP) configurations, this dual-path hydrostatic transmission allows an operator to push a full load through turns without losing material, unlike conventional torque-converter transmissions on competitor machines.”


Check out the features the 950K Crawler Dozer has to offer:



Dual element dry canister with external rotary ejector pre-cleaner.

Eco mode optimizes fuel economy while maintaining ground speed by automatically adjusting engine speed and transmission settings based on load. This reduces fuel consumption up to 20 percent with no loss in productivity in many applications.

Cab & Controls

Cab-forward design provides excellent visibility to the blade.

Sealed-switch module allows low-effort control of keyless start, and enables exclusive features, such as turbocharger cool-down and auto shutdown.

Hydraulic power-pitch option allows the operator to control blade pitch from the cab. 


Simple Maintenance

Hinged engine side shields swing open wide and the front grille tilts forward for convenient access to dipsticks, fill tubes, batteries, master electrical shutoff, the backside of the cooler, and filters.

John Deere's "open-architecture" design lets customers implement the brand of grade-control system of their choice (Trimble, Topcon or Leica). 

Standard electro-hydraulic (EH) controls make adding a grade-control system as easy as plugging in the components, calibrating and going to work. 

Adjustable blade pitch has multiple mount settings. 

Programmable return-to-pitch setting allows the operator to create blade-pitch position presets.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Infinitely variable range to 11 km/h (6.8 mph) allows total flexibility to match ground speed to the load.

Adjusts speed and power to match changing load conditions.

Exclusive safety feature engages wet, multiple-disc brakes whenever the engine stops, the decelerator is depressed to the end of travel, or the park-lock lever is placed in the start or neutral positions and motion is detected.

Fully Integrated Grade Control

Grade-control system is fully integrated into the machine cabin, structures, and software – delivering precise grading performance while eliminating vulnerable external masts and cables.

Auto SmartGrade automatically raises the blade when heavier loads are encountered during rough grading to prevent stalling and track slip, enabling the machine to be used in all phases of grading.

Machine dimensions are preloaded into the grade-control monitor, reducing the time needed to calibrate to about 30 minutes.


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